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Secondary Tuition Singapore aims to help secondary school students transit smoothly from primary to secondary school. We have the necessary resources and programmes to help students cope with the complex and diverse subjects tested in the GCE O level examinations.

Tuition Programmes

What do our secondary tuition centres provide?

This learning portal features a list of tuition centres that conduct secondary tuition programmes effectively. Our centres will teach using various online learning features to help students to prepare for their examinations effectively. Furthermore, with comprehensive notes provided by our dedicated tutors and numerous timed practices, students will be well positioned to achieve excellence in their secondary education.

Secondary English Tuition

Our tuition programme provides comprehensive notes to support students in their revision. Students will also get the opportunity to refine their answering techniques and practise on a variety of questions from our many practice papers and topical tests that will prepare students for the english examinations.

Secondary Math Tuition

Our tuition programme primarily aims to help students make sense of the mathematical concepts they have learnt through concise notes and extensive practices. The understanding of Math concepts will prove useful and crucial in scoring well for their exams.

Lower Secondary Science Tuition

Our tuition programme reinforces students’ conceptual understanding and draws connections between different topics. Students will be geared to not only do well for their examinations but also excel beyond their lower secondary school years.

Secondary Chemistry Tuition

Our Secondary Science tuition classes help students improve their scientific proficiency through interactive classes, specially-compiled notes, as well as topical practice allowing students to achieve a well-rounded understanding of the subject.

Secondary Physics Tuition

Our tuition programme ensures students have a solid understanding of the various concepts taught. Due to the complexity of the subject, our experienced tutors work closely with students to provide them with notes and opportunities for practice. Through these steps, students will be well positioned to ace their Physics paper at O Levels.

Secondary Economics Tuition

Our Secondary Economics Tuition classes help students to achieve academic excellence through the use of concise study notes that will aid students in understanding important economic concepts. Our economics tutors are also highly qualified, and their lesson plans are set out with the needs of the students in mind.

Featured Secondary Tuition Centres

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Our portal has a list of secondary tuition centres to ensure that all students have an accessible platform to join relevant tuition programmes. These centres are run by experienced tutors who will prepare students for the GCE O Level examinations.

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