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JC Tuition Singapore is a level-specific tuition portal that features a list of tuition centres with JC tuition programmes. These centres will equip students with the knowledge and skill-sets to think critically and write confidently. These are skills which not only prepare students for the GCE A Level examinations, but for University education as well.

Tuition Programmes

What our JC Tuition centres offer?

The featured JC tuition centres have diverse JC Tuition programmes that are led by competent and experienced tutors. Students will receive resources and additional practices that will help students address their misconceptions and weaknesses in their JC subjects.

GP Tuition

Our GP Tuition classes are structured such that paper 1 and paper 2 will be discussed separately. On top of that, we also employ a variety of teaching methods for both components to ensure that our students will be sufficiently prepared to answer any type of question during the GP examinations.

Economics Tuition

Our Economic Tuition programs seek to ensure that our students are well equipped with the necessary resources for their exam preparation phase. Our tutors also employ a variety of teaching methods to ensure that students are well prepared for the different components of the paper and are able to answer them confidently and competently during the examinations.

JC Math Tuition

Our tutors will cover the Pure Math and the Probability and Statistics component in great detail to ensure students understand each topic thoroughly. Afterwhich students will reinforce their learning through numerous practices.

JC Chemistry Tuition

The JC Chemistry Tuition provide a variety of features that have been specially tailored to cater to the needs of all our students. Through these features, students will develop spontaneous and opinionated thinking to be more all-rounded learners and thinkers.

JC History Tuition

Students will receive exclusive access to learning resources that are structured in ways to facilitate the ease of conceptual comprehension. In the context of A Level History, students can refer to thematic notes to better understand each topic

China Studies in English Tuition

Examine myriad perspectives relating to the development of modern China after 1978. Get guidance from experienced tutors who will provide summary notes and practices to improve your thinking and writing techniques to ace the A Level examinations.

Featured JC Tuition Centres

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JC Tuition Singapore has a list of tuition centres that specialises in providing JC Tuition classes to ensure that all students receive the necessary guidance and support to do well for the GCE A Level examinations. Browse the following sites to find out which is your preferred centre to enroll in.

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